RobertHIVRobert came into our offices after 5 years of living homeless on the streets of Little Rock, just looking for something to eat. He has had many obstacles to face including access to health screening. Fortunately we were there for him because, while at our office, he discovered that at 32, he was HIV positive. “I don’t know what I would have done without this group. They’ve become my family, when it seemed that I had no one,” said Robert. Since then, Robert has been moved into a treatment plan as well as other health education provided by our agency.


When our client Judy came to our offices she was seeking the free testing expertise we offer. She said, “I didn’t have insurance, and I was concerned that I needed to be aware of my status, so I came to Living Affected. They made me feel safe and secure while getting my results.”

Organizational Background

THE LIVING & AFFECTED CORPORATION (LACorp) is a charitable, tax-exempt, 501(c) (3) grass root organization founded in 2008 with 19 years prior experience to promote empowerment and inclusion while decreasing health disparities through prevention, education and advocacy in marginalized communities. LACorp will address but is not limited to general, reproductive justice, mental health, homelessness, poverty reduction, and the pursuit of justice and equality among the LGBTQ community, its organizations and allies. The Living Affected Corporation (LACorp) promotes holistic, positive sexual and reproductive health for all. By providing prevention, education and advocacy, we dismantle social and economic barriers for marginalized communities.

Mission Statement

“Transforming communities to holistic health by providing prevention, education and advocacy!”

Vision Statement

 “We are the statewide organization that is informed and connected to change the social construct of the community we serve by improving basic human rights.”

Policy Statement

The Living Affected Corporation supports inclusive programs that address the health and well-being of every Arkansan through a Human Rights lens.  The omission of any one group of people from the ability to secure their own sense of health is an indication of systemic failure.